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Implantologia Basica #2

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Basic principles, diagnostics and planning implant therapy, implantology and prosthetics

Dear Professionals,

organized by Vesica, and supported by Biohorizons we are again giving you a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary practical skills for starting and advancing oral surgery and implantology. Together with Dr. Danco Bizevski we invite you on another journey in contemporary implantology.

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Day 1

Opening Session and Dinner
Introduction, History and development of Implantology, Engineering Aspects in
Implantology, Misbelieves and the Paradigms of Contemporary Implantology.

  • How did we get here.

Day 2

09:00 – 14:00
Fundamentals of Oral Surgery and Implantology Anatomy of head and neck, Surgical topography, Sterilization, Septic and Aseptic conditions.

Diagnostics: Treatment planning and management of Implantology Surgical Protocols: Immediate and mediate implantation, Augmentative techniques, Complications and treatment of complications, Healing abutments placement, Temporary and Final prosthetics constructions.

  • Revision from medical high school to specialization in implantology.

14:00-15:30 LUNCH

Implant Surgery Hands-On Workshop
Introduction, Simulation of patient and surgery field preparation, Animal jaw surgery demonstration, incision and mucoperiostal flap, drilling and implant placement hands-on, augmentation techniques and sutures, Practical demonstration
of surgery set TSK3000, Placement of 4 implants by each attendee. Complications through examples and solutions.

  • Practical Training on models and animal jaws. Drill the bone, feel the “osseointegration”. Why not you put 4 implants together.

Day 3

09:00 – 14:00
Implant-Prosthetics hands-on Workshops
Introduction in implant prosthetics protocols; BioHorizons prosthetics products presentation; Healing abutments placement; impressions, temporary coronas;

  • Placement of corona is all that patient knows about implantology. You should know it for best results.

14:00-15:30 LUNCH
15:30 – 20:00 OPEN FORUM

All about Implantology
Case reports, Complications & Solutions, Academic Advisors, Public debate.

8 distinguished implantologists from the region.

  • We talk public. We learn from each-other. Implantology is not a mistery. It is a health treatment craft.

Day 4

08:00 – 17:00

  1. Implantation in maxilla with closed sinus lift technique
  2. Implantation in mandible
  3. Implantation in maxilla with open sinus technique
  4. Immediate implantation
  5. Healing abutments placement
  6. Impressions with copings
  • We are at our best in a surgery room. You are welcome !



Registration closes on 9th of December 2016
495 Eur + VAT (18%) in MKD
EARLY REGISTRATION till 22nd of November
390 Eur + VAT (18%) in MKD


Registration Fee covers:
Course admission fee for all 4 days, All necessary training materials and tools, dinner on 15th, coffee
breaks and lunches on 16th and on 17th, in-vivo surgery admission fee on 18th with a snack and drinks.
*All in-vivo surgeries depend on the current health status of the patient and willingness at the moment.
The organizer is not to be held responsible in case of cancellation.
** We can assist you about hotel accommodation and arrival to Skopje.